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AmeriMed Diagnostic Services can help you overcome chronic and acute pain resulting from injuries or illness through our pain management programs

Acute or chronic pain resulting from injuries or illness is not only awful to experience but is unfortunately all too common in today’s world. Many people suffer from pain that reaches levels that are crippling and disabling. Many more struggle daily to keep on keeping on despite suffering high levels of pain. Though desperate for relief, many do not find it.

AmeriMed understands this daily battle with pain that so many deal with and we can help you overcome chronic and acute pain through our pain management programs. Using various combinations of medication, physical therapy, muscle stimulation, and other productive measures, we are able to help many hurting people cope with, reduce, and ultimately overcome chronic and/or acute pain.

Pain is a fact of life we all have to deal with and there is no avoiding it. But chronic pain, acute pain, and pain resulting from underlying injuries and illness can be dealt with, reduced, and in many cases eliminated with the proper pain managment techniques. AmeriMed is ready to help you overcome your pain and regain the joy of a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Let us design a personalized pain management program for you so you can leave the pain behind.


Call us today at 813-307-0933 or toll free 1-888-PAIN-002 (1-888-724-6002) to schedule an appointment or for more information.