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Auto Accidents

Have you been injured as the result of an automobile or motorcycle accident or suffered some other type of personal injury? AmeriMed is ready, willing, and able  to help you deal with your accident injuries and the resulting pain and suffering they cause you. AmeriMed can also assist you with any medical documentation you might require for insurance, legal or workers’ compensation matters related to your auto accident.

If you have painful symptoms in your neck or back (or in other areas of your body), AmeriMed can help diagnose the extent and severity of your injuries and provide helpful treatment options to speed up your recovery and alleviate your pain and suffering.

AmeriMed provides medical supplies and medication at no cost to personal injury and accident injury patients and bills the insurance company directly for the cost of these medical supplies and medication.

Whiplash injuries often occur in rear end collisions and also in other types of car crashes. Such injuries to the neck can be very painful and any spinal damage caused by the accident needs to be properly diagnosed so that the treatment regimen can be developed and started with minimal delay and utmost urgency and effectiveness. AmeriMed is well-equipped and able to help diagnose exactly and with certainty the extent and nature of your injuries using the latest and best in medical diagnostic methods and equipment. Whether your injuries require x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) scans, or other diagnostic services, AmeriMed stands ready and willing to assist you in the diagnosis, treatment and healing of your auto accident injuries.

AmeriMed can provide you with professional pain management methods to help reduce the pain and suffering you are experiencing as a result of your auto accident. Whether you require effective pain medication, restorative physical therapy, heat or hydro-therapy, or some combination of all of these methods, AmeriMed is ready to provide the caring pain management treatments and care that will best help reduce and eliminate most (or all) of your pain so that you can quickly return to good health and a happy, productive lifestyle.

We are caring, experienced health care professionals dedicated to reducing your pain, and to helping you recover from your injuries quickly and as completely as possible so that you can regain the enjoyment of the quality life you deserve.


Call us today at 813-307-0933 or toll free 1-888-PAIN-002  (1-888-724-6002) to schedule an appointment or for more information.